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Review of This Gardening Life by Penny Woodward in ABC Gardening Australia’s Organic Gardener magazine, 5 November 2020, p 88.

Back in the 1990s, Jonathan Sturm wrote his seminal book Complete Organic Gardening, which sold over 40,000 copies Australia wide. He was then a pioneering organic market gardener in Tassie.

This book is a worthy successor — as much an autobiography as a gardening book. It has no colour photos and frustratingly no index, but it is chock full of well-tested gardening advice told with idiosyncratic candour about lessons learned.

Written for gardeners and small-scale farmers, it contains good technical detail and advice on all gardening fundamentals, many different vegetable crops, seed saving, crop rotation and more.

Also, Sturm provides an interesting appraisal of different growing systems from biodynamics to permaculture. I loved the philosophical asides and quotes from gardeners from varied cultures.

Penny Woodward

Title: Cover of Jonathan Sturm's book "This Gardening Life"

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