Welcome to Ashwood Books, a small publishing company located in Southern Tasmania. We are a two-person team specialising in editing, typesetting and publishing print-on-demand books.

We are passionate about excellence in grammar, punctuation and typography. We can bring your book to a state where it can be printed and/or published as an eBook. We advise our clients to have the book printed and distributed by IngramSpark who have print-on-demand facilities in the USA, UK, Australia and elsewhere. However, the files we hand off can be printed wherever our clients choose.

Title: Cover of Jonathan Sturm's book "This Gardening Life"

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Cover of John Young's autobiography: Going Down Another Lane



Cover of Paul McGowan's 99% True: Almost a National Bestseller


Cover of Ruth Young's The Palais Theatre: A Social History of Franklin’s Town Hall 1912 – 2012

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